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KHJ Lighting at ADIPEC 2014-Abu Dhabi


KHJ Lighting at ADIPEC 2014-Abu Dhabi

快速时时彩的套路 快速时时彩的套路快速时时彩的套路 (2014 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference)—one of the largest exhibitions in Oil and Gas industry in the world,goes from 10th to 13th Nov. 2014.

KHJ received a large amount of visitiors and comments from its regular customers and new interested General Contractors, Oil and Gas equipment trading companies and renowned ex-proof lighting brands. With its project simulations and detailed presentations on spot, KHJ Lighting attracted many eyeballs and brought a new way to ensure safety in lighting the area of oil and gas industry, more energy saving and more safe.

ADIPEC 2014-Abu Dhabi for KHJ lighting, it was really the most wonderful and successful event.That means KHJ lighting is getting more and more acceptable and popular with our quality products and good service.